All projects start with a desired target, regardless of size and scale will run through stages: Discovery & Needs Analysis, Solution Design, Business Acceptance & Testing, and Implementation. Projects range in time frames from a few days to several months depending on the clients desired out comes, and the size of their organisation.

Our technical team has installations expertise and able handle all tasks with ease. From the installation to the 'Go Live' day, our goal is to get your business operating as quickly as possible. We can assist in configuring your system, training your staff, getting you started with new Technology or Business system.

Consulting and Training
A product is only as good as one’s ability to use it. We will fully train your staff on the products you select so that you can enjoy all of their functionality. As part of our services, we reviewing your process, implementing change and training staff in all system modules.

We specialises in connecting you with your customers, suppliers and partners. We have extensive experience and a strong history as integration experts. Our team is skilled in API development and configuration setup of business system with backend systems integrate seamlessly.

Advice & Support
Our experienced support team on-hand to handle all ongoing or ad hoc system support across all modules. We are able to fix or provide a solution majority of issues through remote access, which means minimum down time for your business. Where onsite are required, we endeavour to get to you as quickly as possible.

We specialise and focus on Workflow process, this allow our clients to achieve massive productivity effects. Complete configuration, implementation and ongoing support from our experienced team.